I still remember Kuler before Adobe acquired them and integrated them into Adobe CC. Enter Coolors. Coolors is yet another one but better, refiner, coolor (cooler)! Generate endless colors tapping your spacebar and more. Check Coolors out…(Read More)

Here are some of the best and newest in photo and video editing sorcery: Artisto – Make your video a piece of art Emoji Mosaic – Upload any photo and convert it to an emoji portrait. DeepArt – Turn your pics into artsy masterpieces using algorithms and your movie into an expressionist artwork. Pikazo 2.0 – Turn anything…(Read More)

Rocket.Chat is a Web Chat Server, developed in JavaScript, using the Meteor fullstack framework. A solution for anyone wanting to privately host their own chat service. Open Source under the MIT license. Demo here…(Read More)

Dropbox Paper


Dropbox dropped a new tool for team-based document creation. Try it out here…(Read More)

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