Friday Madness: Early adopters roundup


Top of the tech news this week

1. Halo 3 pocketed $170M in 24 hours


I still refuse to play halo! Send me an XBOX360 + a 50″ LCD TV and I’ll think about it.

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That also makes me wonder, what the hell is Blizzard doing? Where is Starcraft 2? I thought I heard a Marine say “Hell, it’s about time!”. Different timezone perhaps? Argh!


2. New Palm Centro becomes a reality

This baby will sell on the streets on October 14 for $99. Palm struggles to impress with a good-priced smart phone, and almost everyone is getting an iPhone for $300 more.

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3. Exploding Chocolate bar, spy gadget of WWII

Yes! Oh no. Don’t you dare eat this yummy bar. Unless you want to see your maker.

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4. HP Blackbirds up for grabs at Wikia


Wikia is giving away HP Blackbirds, head over at for details.

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5. Buy a Laptop for a Child, Get Another Laptop Free


Perfect holiday gift for your kid and another in-need kid. I should say that this is a better gift than Halo 3. Oh wait, did I just say that?

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  1. “New Palm Centro becomes a reality”

    Wow this is good news! when will it be coming to the Philippines?

    Ey… I’ve found your site through one of the comments from my old blog ( I’m linking you to my new site. hope you do the same :D

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