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by is out of beta and is now offering free and email address. Ok, its not that you will use it (there’s always Gmail), but it’s better to get your name before a spammer does. And oh, don’t forget to check it once every 120 days so that the account stays active. Give yourself a reminder using Google Calendar to “check email address”.


Also, don’t worry if you have multiple Windows Live ID. You can easily link them using their own tool. Go to “Settings” > “Manage Linked IDs” to acheive this. Pretty cool. Get all your IDs and link them now.


The Windows Live Mail app (if downloaded) allows email account integration between popular email providers such as Gmail and AOL.

Windows Hotmail Live is still 5GB (previously 2GB) with loads of graphical ads.  Visit it now and get your address before it’s gone and taken by a spammer.


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  1. Easy to see why all the anger at this site. The most difficult site to get on, and capriciously decides the password is no longer working, with no apparent way to reset password.

  2. Well my live address is but all of a sudden, I can’t get ion with my password, and unlike virtually all sites, it wont let me reset my password following a link sent to my other email. I can see why the majority of people here are fed up.


  4. You make it too damm hard to sign on this web site and it’s so damm fustrating, I keep puting the right word andor verification password, I keep getting refused !!! So what give here ????

  5. It’s hard to find someone address even when you put it in correctly, I’m trying to find this person by signing in into @ or. Com !!??

  6. I have updated my iPad and now can get my live email account…… Can you please help me……..I have another account on the iPad that I had to get, so if you cant send to the live account please try…..
    Thank you so much for your time and looking forward to getting my account working, I have had it forever and everyone uses that to get in touch with me…..
    Thanks again Barbara Aney

  7. OK well for some reason? this person ( hacked my account and really wish something could be done about it???

  8. For some reason I often can’t access my emails. My password is remembered on my computer. I’m just wondering why. This has happened a few times.

  9. Hi ~ I am considering signing up for email at
    Please let me know if it is possible to delete or block mail from certain individuals. If they ARE blocked, will they receive an email letting them know this after they send try to send a message to me?
    Please email me and let me know.
    Thanks so much!

  10. this live really sucks. most of the time I am getting errors. cannot send or receive email on account. don’t know why windows 7 could not leave outlook alone. never had trouble with that account. LIVE REALLY SUCKS. I have tried so many places to try to fix problem that I am really choked

  11. I am trying to use my name to get a account and keep being told that someone is using it …. what do I do

  12. is there anyway that I can get a account, I have an but I need it to be…..please please please, could someone help me with this, asap

  13. @Larry, I don’t think you can turn-off the spam filters at or What you can do is add all your contacts’ email to the address book. That will ensure delivery (99%).

    Btw, and are both owned by Microsoft. Not mine (I wish).

  14. I am having trouble getting some mail, I think your spam filter os too much, is there some way i can shut the spam filter off?

  15. Is there some way I can get around your spam filter. Some mail is marked spam and is not. Please reply.

  16. I’m still having some problems getting a …, email domain cuz i do live in Canada. Plz someone show me or tell me what im doing wrong. I think ive tried everything mentioned below but nothing seems to be working. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  17. I use to like hotmail but now its too slow since Hotmail added Live messenger , each time I want to check my Email I have to wait now 5 second , It was use to wait just 1 second so Hotmail and Live is not cool anymore .

  18. here are the exact instructions:

    1) go to or
    2) on the upper right corner, click “Sign In”
    3) there will be a blue button on your left hand part “Sign Up”, click that
    4) now you can finally sign up

    I’m not sure why they make it so hard to find that. I guess that’s why I’ve been getting emails on how to get the and email address.

    Microsoft’s Usability team needs to smart up if they want to beat GMail. OR they intentionally did that so you will have to download the apps first.

    In any case, that’s not user-friendly to me.

    Hope this instructions helped. Let me know.




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