Mployd Beta: A new job site for everyone


We are inviting all employers and job seekers to test drive our beta site,


What does Mployd offer job seekers?

  • Create unlimited resume profiles
  • Job alerts and RSS feeds (soon)
  • Public and employer-only resume
  • Get Vouched by friends and colleagues
  • and more features to come…

A screenshot of the job seeker dashboard (still under development but works). What’s your favorite theme? I love the black and plum! :)


Here’s a screenshot (below) of the employers’ dashboard. Still pretty bare, but I’m working on it. Expect a lot of features that will be added over the next couple of weeks.


What does Mployd offer employers?

  • Unlimited job posting (until 01 03/01/08)
  • Unlimited resume search (TBA)
  • Job management (update/re-post/put on-hold)
  • Job seeker applications management
  • Connect with job seekers and setup interviews
  • and more features to come…

According to thejobbored, “January is the busiest month for hiring and job searching. If you begin the process now, you can get in ahead of the rush.” One of the reasons why we’ve opened this early.

Hope you like the new free service. It’s a “David” that will take on the “goliaths” out there. ;)

Bugs, comments, feedback on is most welcome, please email me at ajbatac (at) and I will reply to inquiries ASAP. And oh, please be gentle.

Visit it now at



And just for fun, while experimenting with iMovie last night I made this video. Don’t know why it’s stopping before it even ends. Oh well, newbie. :P

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