Yahoo! Domains renewal price increases from $9.95 to $12.95


I thought offering customers “Unlimited” hosting is a sign of good things to come. I was wrong. Yahoo! just emailed my billing for a domain and it also stated that they will increase their domain renewal from $9.95 to $12.95!


There is also something wrong in this billing. Read the part “…and your credit card will be charged the annual fee of 0”. Yes, you are reading it right. Zero as in zilch, nada, none. Does that mean I will not pay for this year’s renewal?

Desperate times ahead for at Yahoo I guess.

Netfirms is still $5.95! I hope it’s easy to transfer my domains.


NOTE:  *Domain .com, .net and .org sale pricing at Netfirms is $5.95 for first year. Domain will renew at $9.95 per year thereafter.

9 Responses to "Yahoo! Domains renewal price increases from $9.95 to $12.95"
  1. It looks like many person in the same boat! I heard that Yahoo make no profit with domain business and they are looking for the way to minimize this loss by increase domain prices. Yes, it is the time to act for Yahoo domains now. I have found new registar with cheap domain transfers rates and I will start moving now!
    As the increase infomation has been sent out by email from Yahoo and you see nothing about pricing increase from your Yahoo domain account so for sure, many persons (did not read the email well) will cry when they see the bill!!!

  2. It is realy bad news for Yahoo domain renewal pricing.
    $12.95 per year to $34.95 !!! I have just transfered my last domains to
    Just $6.95 and get free one more year extension. (they do not limited the quantity. Netfirms only allow 5 domains)

  3. I had 150 domains. I’ve cancelled all but 26. $3.00 is a ridiculous increase. Thats 30%. I’ll just reorder them elsewhere.

  4. sir,
    may idea ako dyan.wag kaagad maging complacent sa iisang web hosting company. trial-trial din natin yung ibang hosting companies. tapos kung okay na, tsaka ka na lumipat sa nagugustuhan mo talaga. IMHO lang po.

  5. @Bob, hehe… thanks for the offer. ;)

    @Jaypee, i’m thinking of moving them away of Yahoo. I’ve got tons of domain and doing the math, it’s a huge increase for me. :(

  6. I got my domain from GoDaddy and have renewed it once already. Although their domains are not the cheapest, I’ve had no problems with them and I can say that I’m satisfied with their service.

    $9.95 to $12.95? Dang, that’s a lot! So are you thinking of moving your domain somewhere else?

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