Star Wars hologram communication now a reality


Remember Star Wars’ Princess Leia’s hologram communication with Obi-wan? Yeah, that was like more than 20 years ago. Now that technology is not science fiction anymore.


Cisco just unveiled their newest product On-Stage TelePresence Holographic Video Conferencing. It’s very cool and it brings out the inner geek in us.

You have to really watch this video to believe it!


Check out the video!


15 Responses to "Star Wars hologram communication now a reality"
  1. Who cares…I doubt this will make anything any better. It would be good if progress meant actual progression instead of just “neato” stuff that makes everyone spend money and get more technology in their homes and bodies.

  2. i think its really cool. Infact I’ve memorized every word. ” Obi-Wan Kenobi, Years ago you served my father in the Clone-Wars. Now he begs you his struggle against the Empire. Please see that this R2 unit is safely delivered to the Alderaan System. My father will know how to retreive it. Please help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi your my only hope”.
    I love Star Wars,
    Princess Leia 19

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