Windows Calculator Pi (π) Easter Egg



This might be very old but I just accidentally found this easter egg on my Windows computer…

Copy this word in quotes “pi” and paste it (CTRL+V) in Windows Calculator (calc.exe) and you get the first 32 decimal digits of pi (?).


Cool huh? By the way, I’m using Windows Vista (yeah, I know). Not sure if this works on other versions of Windows. Try it and let us know in the comments.


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  1. you people are retarted, just select scientific calculator, from the view tab and then theres literaly a button that says, pi. (ps: its vista)

  2. hehehe, daniel talaga. :-) but yeah, he is indeed correct. BUT this is something i found out just recently also. anyway, happy easter. advanced. :-)

  3. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but that’s hardly an easter egg or a trick. It’s the keyboard shortcut for a button that’s only hidden because you’re not using the right view. If you change the View from Standard to Scientific, you’ll uncover the “pi” key, whose shortcut is “p”. (Right-click any button and select “What’s This?” to see a description including the shortcut.)

    Incidentally, typing “po” gives you the cosine of pi degrees = 0.99849714986386383363576448540881.
    Try hitting F3 before typing “po” and you’ll get the cosine of pi radians = -1.
    Typing “PL” gives the base-10 logarithm of pi = 0.4971498726941338543512682882909

  4. cool! it’s working… i tried typing “P” and works too.. i’m using winxp =)

    also press “L” and “N” with “0” on the display, it would output “Invalid input for function”

    i think these are shortcut keys for some match functions.

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