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I’ve gotten really lots of emails to improve on my Simple Facebook Like plugin and it took me awhile to build it. I was extremely busy with other important things. So here you go, the latest WordPress Facebook Like Plugin. Now with admin options to change the look and feel as well as other options.

WordPress Facebook Like Plugin – Adds a Facebook “Like” Button to your blog posts and increase your visitor engagement instantly! This plugin adds a simple and easy to use Facebook Like functionality with admin options to change the location of Facebook Like button, font, show faces, use the box with count as well as other cool and useful options. Visitors “liking” your content automatically posts them as shared item on their Facebook profile with a thumbnail of your site’s image post. Pretty cool!

The Like button lets a user share your content with friends on Facebook. When the user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user’s friends’ News Feed with a link back to your website.

Wordpress Facebook Like Plugin

Admin screenshot:

More information about the Facebook Like Plugin for WordPress here

Hope you like it.

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74 Responses to "New Facebook Like Plugin for WordPress"
  1. Hello ,

    Week ago I have asked for your permission to translate your WordPress Facebook Like Plugin plugin in Spanish and I didn’t hear any from you since.
    I hope that you will find time to provide the reply, because we believe that the translation would be of a great use. Please reply directly on my email.

    All the best,

    Andrew Kurtis

  2. This plugin is great. However, it only works on posts and galleries, i’d like it to work on pages and portfolios as well. Is there a way you could code it in? or perhaps give me the shortcode to embed the plugin into my pages and portfolios post.


  3. Hi,

    i really like this plugin. I just miss one feature:
    Can´t see all likers. For example “Me, Person A and 10 other persons like this.”

    I can´t look, which 10 other person this are. Why? Would be good, to see – which persons this are?!

    I hope, you can help.


    • Hi Kornelius, the 10 other persons are not your friend on Facebook. And they could have had their profiles private. You can’t see people’s profiles if they are private or not your friends (yet).

      • So i would not be able to see, where likes my pictures?

        At WordPress i only see two names (my and another person) – on Facebook i see 5 of 10 Likes :(

        That is irritating me.


  4. Hello,

    The plugin was working fine until this afternoon… Despite no updates to anything, it just stopped working. The facebook ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons, which worked totally fine this morning, are not displaying now. In addition, the Facebook Like Box I’ve manually put on the site, does not display now either.

    Have you heard of this before? Any ideas?

  5. I also love your plug in. Everything works fine on my posts page, but the facebook stuff does not show up on my home page which I have set to show the posts. Any thoughts about that?

  6. Hi,

    great work on this plugin.
    But I got a problem with my archive pages, the plug-in doesn’t work their. What can I do?

    I can see the plug-in on the single page and the index page, but it doesn’t work on category or archive pages.



  7. I have installed your facebook PI. & it functions, but the admin for it does not appear in the side menu? using
    eDegree° ? not html fluent! tanx.

  8. Hello,
    I’ve installed your plugin on my wordpress blog and everything was fine until I started playing with the custom settings:/ After changing them a bit I’ve noticed that my post on the home page doesn’t show up. I would really appreciate if you could help me. Thank you in advance

  9. Hi there. Thanks for developping… I’ve seen it work on other sites, but I can’t seem to activate it on my back end. The script installed correctly, and also I see the config in the dashboard, and no errors… but still I don’t see it on my pages! What could I have done wrong?



  10. Great plugin?
    How do i know who has liked the content besides the people shown? For example it says 3 names and ’12 others’… how do i find out who the 12 others are?

    • If the 12 others are your friends or inside your social network, then you should see them. If those 12 others aren’t your friends on facebook or part of your social circle, then you won’t see them. It follows the privacy rules of Facebook. Hope this helps.

  11. Hey, thanks for this great plugin!
    Dumb question, but how do I see who has liked the content? Right now, it only shows a couple names and ’12 others’.. how do i find out who those 12 others are?


  12. Hi,

    Love the plugin! One question which has been driving me mad!!! When someone likes a post and it is posted to their FB profile, where is the image that appears with the link sourced from? I would like to change the image but I can’t seem to find where. For some reason, it occasionally picks up a random image from the website that is inappropriate for the post the person liked eg. a competitor’s advertising banner. Please, please help…
    Thanks so much,

    • By default, Facebook doesn’t know what images to pick. This is why you have to guide it. Research about OG Tags on Facebook and apply this piece of feature in your blog.

  13. Its not working for me !!!
    I was using Simple Facebook like button at first but it started giving error on likes.
    Upgraded to this one but this one doesnt even display the like button.
    Any suggestions ?

  14. Thanks a lot for mentioning WPBeginner in the article. From our experience, Facebook like has produced significant traffic increase to our site. Not to mention facebook is the 3rd largest source of traffic on WPBeginner.

  15. Hi!

    I have the same issue – since a few days ago the plugin seems to not work – when users click on the “like” button it seems like the “Like” is recorded but then it reverts back to “not liked” state…please fix asap – love the plugin! :)


    – Jussi

  16. My FB like button seems to have stopped tabulating clicks once I downloaded WP 3.2. Are they compatible? Do you have an update coming?

    I like your product and would love to keep using it.


  17. I have the same problem as someone above:

    2. Also there was this weird thing with /?fb_xd_fragment showing up after all the clicks in my logs.

    The folks at StatCounter say your script might be interferring with theirs.

    I want to test it out by removing the FB Like button, but it is not among my list of plugins so I can’t deactivate.

    How can I deactivate?

    Thank you.
    Lori Lavender Luz recently posted… Fort LuzMy Profile

  18. Hi,

    how do i define which picture appears on fb ? very much would like it to be the “featured” picture, ot the inserted picture. now it seems to be “any” picture…

    thanks for ur help

    sandro recently posted… Lunch menu 16-5My Profile

    • Hi. I have the same issue – when clicking ‘like’ from a post a random picture is taken from my site and used as the featured picture in facebook. Is this a plugin or facebook issue? Thanks.

  19. AJ,

    Your plug-in has alot of promise for me, but I am having difficulty with one thing. When, I click the “like” button for a post on my blog, it creates an entry on my facebook wall, but it does not seem to notify any of my friends in their news feeds. Is this expected behavior with the plug-in? If not, do you know what I can do to have people’s friends alterted when they like one of my blog posts?

    Thanks in advance, Michael
    Michael Pollack recently posted… Avocet ReflectionMy Profile

  20. 1. It always shows the wrong icon. Really annoying.

    2. Also there was this weird thing with /?fb_xd_fragment showing up after all the clicks in my logs.

    3. I deactivated it again.

  21. I really like your plugin, it was working great until 2 days. I didn’t have changed anything on my blog, it just stopped working somehow.
    So i deinstalled it and downloaded and installed the newest version. But still, it’s not working anymore :(
    Any idea what could have caused it?

  22. Hello, and thank you for this plugin.
    Just one thing : it really pisses me when I click on a button somewhere on the net and I see, much later, that something was automatically posted on my Facebook wall because of that click.
    So, I don’t want my readers to feel the same !
    Do you think that you could make this “automatic post” an option in the next version ?

    Thank you again, nice work.

  23. Hi, I have installed the plugin as required and checked the option to show faces. On one post I have 7 people liking it but only 3 faces showing up? I have it set it to default width & height 450 x 100.

    Is there any way I can check who has liked the posts?


    • Out of those 7 people, 3 are within your social circle. Facebook will not show the faces when they’re not in your social graph and made their profile private.

      All liked posts are in their respective Facebook profiles.

  24. hi AJ, i find your plugin is very very great. I have used it on my new blog. Thing goes well

    But i have a question, when me or my friends click on the button like on my blog, it will appear the link of my blog on their facebook profil page and beside of the link to my blog, there is alway one emoticon randomly.
    Can you tell me how to deactivate that ?
    If you want, you can check out my blog and try to click on the button like on one of my post, then you will see on your profil page of facebook.

    here, it appeared on my facebook page :

    Thank you very much.

  25. Hey AJ, love the plugin. I was wondering if there was a way I could target the area in which it’s being put into. I know it’s currently targetting “the_content” but let’s say I wanted to target a specific div like the META div for instance.

    Thanks dude.


    • Hi Dave, that’s not yet supported. But keep the wish list coming. I’ll try to add them in the future versions.


    • @Aj

      1) I always use FireFox 3.6.3 becouse he without a container.
      With a container for the flash I have a problem, it loads my CPU very much.

      2) I always have all the new plugins have been updated.

      3) Because my question was different, I did not need to clean the cache.
      4) After all I knew how everything works. It’s all work OK! :)
      Thank You Very Much for All! Great plugin!

      I’m sorry for what took your time on stupid question. I’m going to change :)

  26. @Aj
    Hi again! If I am not logged into facebook, I can not click on the “I Like” button, and then I click on the link “log in” and the link I see this compaign-ID number in link. Now I checked on other sites such as click-and everywhere had the same number is likely to be so, and this number is given automatically to each user’s unique ID number. If I’m wrong correct me please. Thank You For Help.

  27. Hi, Aj! I Like You plugin and use now, but I do not understand. Why do I have and you have the same compaign-ID? What does this mean? Can you explain to me? Thank You!

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