[PS3] Is your NBA 2k11 freezing on the team logo screen? (Solution here)


No, it’s not you. It’s not even your PS3 machine and it’s not your NBA 2k11 disc either. It’s Sony currently taking attacks from Anonymous.

Here’s what you do: Just go to your network settings and disable the Internet before you play the game. You should be good.

We may have to suck it up until these attacks are over (Update: Hacking stopped April 2011).

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  1. I kept telling my hubby I would google this but today we bought a new game we found it on sale for $14.99 got home and the same problems lol sooooo I finally googled tried it and it worked Thanks soooo much now we have a extra game for back up lol But it worked thanks cause my hubby is a happy man again lol.

  2. I did everything you said but still it’s not working. My PS3 is working with other games and my NBA 2k11 isn’t scratch it’s ok. Can you please help me because I’m about to lose my mind. I love this game so much. Please Help!!! Thx!!!

  3. this problem is still going on a year later

    good thing is the same advice STILL WORKS

    DISABLE both Internet options

    Delete GAME UTILITY (not your 2k11 files, ALL SAVED FILES WILL STILL BE SAVED)

    You are good to go

  4. Thanx a lot this really helped me out I was two minutes from breaking this game until I googled y was this happening cuz there was no scratch anywhere I did as it said disable internet connections erase game data utility under game top option and woo hoo it worked I really was about to break this game and go buy 2k12 but nope I’m straight with this throwback thanks again it works for anyone jus comin in reading the posts

  5. Ok i had same problem all you gottaa do is put the disc in and when it gets to the part checking hdd space just take it out dont press quit game just press the button and it works find atleast for me!

  6. I know the lock out is over but my NBA2k11 is doing what ever body is saying now. How can I fix this issue it plays other games but freeze after logos just as its fading away bought another one same issue also erase settings and so fourth…. Nothing I need assistance.

    • Delete your original game file and reload game back to your system it works my 14 yr old son just did it a few days ago game works fine now.

    • Disable ur internet connection in the ps3 menu and make sure you delete ALL game ‘data utility’ and it will work atleast for me and my friends cause we all had the same problem… if not check ur disc or take it back to wherever u got it from… i kept all data ‘my player’ and ‘franchise’ with created people… this website helped a lot and if u have any questions let me know!? the ps3 network sucks fyi

  7. I updated my ps3 to ver. 4.0 now my NBA2k 11 is not working! i read all your suggestions and comment but still not working.. i already restore my PS3 System, i delete all of my data including the other savegame data but still now working my NBA.. please help me… i want to throw already my PS3

  8. Disabling internet in my network settings did not work for me. I finished an entire season and I am in the Western Conference finals with a created team with a created player in The Association. I am assuming I will lose this by deleting the game data. Is there a way to avoid this?

  9. I don’t understand why this is still possible on the consoles. It’s not like a pc that you clutter it with bs programs and stuff. And have different hardware.

    I used to have freezes playing Fallout NV. It can really take the fun out of what is supposed to be a relaxing moment.

    • U have to go togame utility data and delete the 2k11 one. it wont delete any of your saved files but itll get the game to start right back up

  10. Nba 2k11 will not work online due to NBA lockout. If you are connected to internet will not work. have sign out of you screen name and then it will work… It sucks can’t playonline coz of lockout bullcrap.

  11. Hey to to whoever posted this thanks a mullion! You kept me from alot of frustration on the holiday. Just toik tge game back and it was doing the same with the new one. Tried your advice and THIS WORKED! Have a blessed day

  12. Thank You Very Much! I just bought a new one because i thought my old one is broken or something. Thank You!
    I love You! Lol Joke

  13. I started having this problem too. The problem is it roll freeze again after the team if you don’t delete that file which makes you start out with the Jordan game. I believe that’s it is the setting file.

  14. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I couldn’t figure out why this was happening but i got it now….but unfortunatley i didn’t hear anything about this so i didn’t go online to look and i went and got a new nba 2k11 disc because i thought it was my discs problem :( but now i have to restart my nba 2k11 my player but oh well lol i’m just glad it’s working now and not my discs problem =).


  16. Dude, Thanks man. I unplugged my internet cable from the PS3 and it worked for me. I got depressed for a minute thinking my 2K11 disc was messed up, cause my Tiger Wood 12 worked and I even downloaded stuff for the game.

  17. The game would stop loading on the team logo screen and I deleted my settings and turned off Internet connection. It worked !! But what if I WANa play online …??

  18. Thank you! this fix worked for me, I was paniking because my nba 2k 11 wasn’t and it was always working for me.
    what the hell is anonymous doing?

  19. omg my husband was trippin cause he just played it last night.and not even 12hrs later it dont work….so i called gamestop asking them what they can do for me and they said basically trade it in for store credit and pay the difference i was so mad then he said google the problem and within 5 min i figured out the solution from this link….thank god :) hes gnna be so happy

  20. I just started having this problem today. I played the game just fine last night, literally 16 hours ago and it was fine. It’s been fine since 2K patched it. But today, for some reason, the game refused to load after the team logo screen. I googled a fix and it led me here. I tried what you suggested and it absolutely worked. The game is working as it should be. Weird though, because the PSN attacks are supposed to be over now aren’t they? Didn’t Sony put up a nuclear shield with all those network fixes? Why would this suddenly start happening now?

    Anyhow, thanx so much for that tip. I’m glad I simply did that first before wiping the PS3’s hard drive as I was tempted to do. After testing Mortal Kombat and seeing it worked fine I knew it was something specific and not system related.

    Thanks again!


  21. I’m having that freezing problem when “checking hdd space”. and i have plenty of space!!only have nba and COD on the hard drive.none of these solutions have worked for me!!! please help

  22. i have the same problem, yet ive tried both of the suggested solutions to NO prevail. does anyone else have any fixes?

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