Instructions on How to Watch YouTube on Your TV and control it using an iPhone


Here’s how you can watch YouTube on your TV today using your iPhone as control.

1) Purchase a supported device (list below)

  • Samsung SmartTV and Bluray players (2011, 2012 models)
  • LG Smart TV and Bluray players (2011, 2102 models)
  • Sony TV (non-Bravia model, 2012 models)
  • Panasonic Vierra TV (2012 models)
  • Virgin Media STB
  • Tivo Premiere
  • Telecom Italia STB
  • Western Digital TV Live Hub
  • Philips
  • Vizio
  • Toshiba TVs and Bluray players (2011, 2012 models)


2) On your YouTube TV screen, open the YouTube app or go to Navigate to MY YOUTUBE, then move to the right and select Pair.

3) Pair your iPhone

On your mobile device:
a) Open YouTube for Mobile ( in the browser.
b) Touch Menu Grid at the top of the Home page.
c) Touch located at the bottom of the page.
d) Enter the pairing code shown on YouTube TV. You may choose to enter a name for this screen in the second field.

4) Touch Add Screen. On your mobile device, you can now select a video to watch on YouTube TV!

Here’s how the screen on the iPhone looks like when playing a YouTube video to your TV screen.

I can’t wait for the native YouTube app for PS3!

Cool huh!

UPDATE: YouTube for PS3 is now available for North America!

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  1. YouTube seems to have royally screwed this up for themselves… I’m following the instructions to pair my iPad with the PS3 app, but with ios has been screwed with by YouTube so that there’s no ‘menu grid’ to click on and continue pairing. Any advice?

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