Indiegogo’s popSLATE 2 is a failure


I’ve backed this product for over a year today, and this product will be obsolete with the new 2017 iPhone in a few months. I have given up already, constantly asking them about product updates to no avail. 12,000+ backers with $1,117,892 USD total funds raised since March 31, 2016 and still no product in sight. I’ve even reached out to Indiegogo and popSlate for a refund, but they’re on hold (who knows for what reason). The reason for their delays? “tests for Apple certification”. I would say this is a failed product because of lack of planning and research and I got suckered to it as well as the rest of the 12,000 backers.

popSLATE’s approach to customer service is deplorable. I would never support nor recommend any of their product.

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