Do subscription pop-ups annoy readers? In my opinion, absolutely. I completely hate them. Especially when they’re hard to close. Some key statistics on pop-ups 70% of Americans say they get annoyed by irrelevant pop-up ads The #1 reason why people would block a site is annoying ads There are 2,000…(Read More)

I’ve backed this product for over a year today, and this product will be obsolete with the new 2017 iPhone in a few months. I have given up already, constantly asking them about product updates to no avail. 12,000+ backers with $1,117,892 USD total funds raised since March 31, 2016 and…(Read More)

20 Responses for When Your Client Says You’re Too Expensive By: Martin Limbeck 1) “The other offers are cheaper and they deserve to be.” 2) “Discounts are the first signal of bankruptcy. Are you sure you want to go down that road?” 3) “Quality comes at a price and that price includes me.” 4…(Read More)

AWS Outage


Door locks, TV remotes, light controllers, front gate IoT openers, IoT mouse (Razer), Nest’s security cameras, thermostats, and a ton of smartphone apps. Adobe’s cloud,, Zendesk, Salesforce, Heroku, Coursera, Bitbucket, Autodesk’s cloud, Twilio, Mailchimp, Citrix, Expedia, Flipboard, and Yahoo! Mail, Docker’s Registry Hub, Trello, Travis CI, GitHub, GitLab, Quora…(Read More)