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Facebook Like Plugin for WordPress

Adds a Facebook “Like” Button to your blog posts and increase your visitor engagement instantly! This plugin adds a simple and easy to use Facebook Like functionality with admin options to change the location of Facebook Like button, font, show faces, use the box with count as well as other cool and useful options. Visitors “liking” your content automatically posts them as shared item on their Facebook profile with a thumbnail of your site’s image post.

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Simple Facebook Like WordPress Plugin

A very simple and easy to use Facebook Like plugin to your WordPress post pages.

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Google +1 Button Plugin for WordPress

The WordPress Google +1 Button Plugin: Add +1 to your pages to help your site stand out +1 buttons let people who love your content recommend it on Google search!

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39 Responses to "WordPress Plugins"
  1. Hi,
    first I’ll wish you a great start in to the new year, and all the best for 2014.

    I used your facebook “like” plug in my WP-blog in the past, and it ran very well. I used WP 1.7.

    At the time I updated WP 2.8 an it just runs under XAMPP on my local host.
    Today I installed the like plug unhder Xampp on my local host, but the plugin will not work.
    Even the message shows “plug is installed”, the “like” icon does not appear in the botto0m of my articels.

    WordPress Facebook Like Plugin.Version 0.7
    Hope you can help me,

  2. Further to my comment about your FB like buttons plugin not working, it seems this is happening on certain browsers. I have just looked at my site from Internet Explorer and the plugin DOES show up at the end of the posts. But in Mozilla Firefox it DOES NOT. This means I have no idea who is and is not seeing the FB like button at the end of the posts as people use different browsers!


  3. URGENT! I installed your WordPress FB like button. It worked fine and now it has literally DISAPPEARED from my site. This is a real problem. I have no idea when it even happened. I had input all the settings and it was fine. Now I am now worried that even if I can get it to show up again, all the previous like info will be lost.


  4. Hi AJ! Thanks for the FB plugin. For some reason, it isn’t working on my blog. I am getting an error “The href URL must be absolute”. Any idea how to fix it?

  5. Hi! I want to remove/Uninstall the plug in from my wordpress page with template Striking, and cannot find the way. Is not available in the options nor the plugins manager.

    How can I do it?

  6. Thanks for your plugin. But I am not able to find the settings. You mentioned a “menu” to format, but I do not see that as well. I appreciate your help.

    Thank you, sir,


  7. I installed the FB Like button for WordPress and it doesn’t show up. I use WP 2.8.6 so maybe that’s why? I also use the wp-e-commerce plugin which might disagree with your plug in. How can I un-install the FB Like button plug-in

  8. I have modified your (great) plugin to display “Like” in local language, it’s very simple.
    This is the code:
    function wp_fb_like_format( $align )

    $output = ”;

    If you want, insert in next release of plugin.

  9. Fantastic plugin!

    I first tried the “simple” plugin which put the button on all pages and posts, which is exactly what I wanted minus the home page… then tried this full version, but it only shows up on my posts. Is there a shortcode I can use to put it on all or select pages too?

    Great work, thank you!

  10. Hi AJ,

    Regarding your WordPress Facebook Like Plugin..
    I was wondering and I am sure a lot of other people too if there is a way to tell from the stats “Statpress V” give for a wordpress page who it was that liked a post. I have been looking for hours and can;t seem to find a way to tell why I get hits with referrer stating :


    Is it possible for you to shed some light?



    • Hi John, the way social networks work when it comes to this is easy, they respect (or should respect) privacy. You will never see all visitors who liked your post because some of them aren’t your friends or on your social graph (circle). You’ll only see people who are within your social graph.

      Let’s say UserA liked your post but UserA’s privacy is set to “Friend’s only” and if UserA isn’t your friend, then you won’t see his face. However you’ll see a “Like”.

      I hope I’m making sense.

      • Thanks for your answer. Followup-question would be:
        Can I easily find what page or image specificly was liked? Because I have the like-button at over 500 places and I obviously can;t check them manually? :)

  11. I´ve downloaded this for a while ago and it worked fine, but now it seems like the plugin has done something to my blog… I can´t log in anymore and the text that page shows is: ”
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at C:\Inetpub\vhosts\ninjapuff.se\httpdocs\blog\wp-content\plugins\facebook-like-widget\facebook-like-widget.php:4) in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\ninjapuff.se\httpdocs\blog\wp-login.php on line 353″

    I´ve talk to the owner of the server my bog is on and he says that he can´t fix it because the problem is from a third part, this plugin. I haven´t done any changes to it so now I wonder what happened. I don´t really want my blog to disapear thanks to your plugin. This is the fourth day now and I starts to get really worried.

    Do you anything about this or how to fix it? Did you do any new update or what happened?

    • Haven’t updated yet. Maybe there’s a space before the script on your wordpress template file. e.g. functions.php? WordPress hates that.

  12. Hi, thanks for the pluggins , I have the Facebook Like, but doesn´t work. Didn´t count the likes. I don´t know why… So i would like that you would be able to help us…Because I really don´t know what to do. Thank you!

  13. Hi,

    thank you for the plugin! It works great! Onhe thing: Is it possible to get a german conversation or the german “gefällt mir” button instead of “like” button?



  14. I downloaded your FB like button for wordpress. I think deactivated and deleted the plugin, but it is still appearing and I can’t get rid of it. It no longer appears in my list of plugins, but it appears in my dashboard and the buttons are still appearing. Nothing personal, just wanted to play around with some others, but I can’t. I can’t get rid of it. HELP…

  15. Hi AJ !

    fantastic plugin ! really like it !
    just would like to know how i can manage the pic that goes to fb with the “like” button.
    for the moment it seems to take “any” picture. would like it to be the picture thats attached to page it relates to from the site.


  16. Dear AJ Batac,

    I have some problems with your Simple Facebook Like WordPress Plugin.

    How Can I define the image that appears in facebook wall after click “i like” a post?

    Now it seems that it’s a random system and never detects the correct one image to display.

    We expect your response!

    Thanks!! :)

  17. After the latest update it changed the languate of like button to english, how can I restore back to my lang?

    • That should be Facebook not the plugin. The plugin only communicates to Facebook once. If the post is gone on Facebook, then it might have been deleted.

  18. Hi!
    It seems that the plugin is causing the wrong image to display in Facebook. There is an image in the post, but when somebody “likes” the post, another image (also on the page) appears as part of the facebook update.
    Could it be a clash with PhotoSmash gallery plugin?

  19. Hi, ive got a question:

    I only see the facebook Like in my wordpress index page.
    Its possible to be attached always to posts?

    • This is the default behavior. It it is not doing this, then there’s something wrong with your WordPress template settings.

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