Chaparral Larrea Tridentata -

チャパラル、シャパラル Chaparral カリフォルニア州などで見られる低木林の形態。 ハマビシ科の植物 Larrea tridentata 。 別名クレオソート・ブッシュ。ハーブなどとして使われるが、多用すると肝臓・腎臓に障害を引き起こすとされる[1]。. Chaparral, Leaf Larrea tridentata 500 mg † Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. †Daily value not established. iHerbのお客様 iHerbのお客様は、トランザクションを完了し、 利用規約 に同意しています。.

Larrea tridentata NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. Cooperative Extension, which staffs local offices in all 100 counties and with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. Lignans isolated from the flowering tops of Larrea tridentata had IC 50 values of 5-60mcM against human breast cancer, human colon cancer and human melanoma cell lines. 16 Distribution: The kinetic parameters, IC 50 and V max, for chaparral scavenging of O2- were found to be 0.899mcg/mL and 8.4ng/mL/sec, respectively. 4 The rate constant for chaparral scavenging O2- was found to be 1.22 x. Larrea tridentata Chaparral Aka. Creosote, Shegoi, Chapparo Gobernadora, the Governess due to its ability to secure more water by inhibiting the growth of nearby plants,.

Larrea tridentata is a shrub, also known as chaparral and "creosote bush", that is indigenous to deserts of the southwestern United States and parts of Mexico. It has been used by many people with various. 2013/04/26 · Larrea tridentata Common name: Chaparral Family: Zygophyllaceae Part used: Aerial Constituents: Flavone aglycones 18 different ones; Dihydroflavonol; Larreic acid; Guaiuretic acid lignins including nordihydroguaiuretic acid NDGA, Quercetin bioflavonoids. Chaparral Larrea tridentata By Dana Aronson @_wildkin Common Names: Creosote Bush, Stinkweed, Greasewood Latin Name: Larrea tridentata Plant Family: ZygophyllaceaeParts Used: Aerial parts: leaves and flowers. Leave out. Chaparral, der Kreosotbusch Larrea tridentata aus Mexiko Bekannt als Chaparral oder Greasewood, im Spanischen als Gubernadora oder Hediondilla, wächst diese nordamerikanische Art in den trockenen Regionen der südwestlichen USA Arizona, Kalifornien, Nevada, New Mexico und Texas und Mexikos. Larrea tridentata Coville è una pianta a fiore della famiglia delle Zygophyllaceae, nota come cespuglio di creosoto in qualità di pianta, chaparral in qualità di erba medicinale e gobernadora in Messico, termine spagnolo per "governatrice" data la sua abilità di inibire la crescita di piante nelle vicinanze così da approvvigionarsi di una quantità maggiore d'acqua.

Larrea tridentata The name chaparral Larrea tridentata, creosote bush is also sometimes used for other desert plants such as Larrea mexicana, Larrea glutinosa, Larrea nitida, and Larrea caneifolia, which are all widely used, for instance to cure colds, diarrhea, urinary tract infections, rheumatism, and skin problems, or to reduce body weight.

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